Hillsborough County Pet Resources Foundation INC.
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Serving Shelter Pets by Serving the Community

The Hillsborough County Pet Resources Foundation not only works with pets in our public animal shelter in Tampa, Florida, but also in the community. By promoting better public relations, better facilities, and better pet ownership, we believe that we'll improve the quality of life of both pets and the community.


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Enhancing Public Relations

Through the development of public service announcements, radio, television, and billboard promotion, we will enhance the public image of Hillsborough County Pet Resources Department, their public shelters, and the various operations/roles they play in the community. We'll also hold special events and other promotions to help highlight the pets in our care.

Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership & Forever Homes

We focus on proactive measures that will increase effective pet ownership in the community in an effort to avoid unnecessary relinquishment of pets. We promote public education of spaying or neutering animals for better behaved pets. Additional programs will focus on showing the real costs and responsibilities of adopting a pet.

Multilevel Community Education & Outreach Programs

We'll set a solid foundation in education and community outreach to build a better future of animal welfare and pet ownership. Through partnerships with public, private, and homeschool education programs and community organizations, we'll provide information about the role of the Hillsborough County Pet Resources Department, Animal Safety & Enforcement, and the roles everyone in our community can play to enhance the lives of pets in our area.

Assisting & Improving Facilities

While the county has a master plan for facility improvements for older buildings, we will be providing recommendation and enhancements that will assist in the adoption of pets from the shelter. These improvements may include:

  • Adding Sound Systems to Provide Quiet Music to the Kennels
  • Enhancements to the Physical Cages to Make Them More Pet Friendly
  • Additions of Sound Deflection Devices to Reduce Barking
  • Brightening the Areas with Different Paint & Decorations

Development of Team Members & Volunteers

By developing the skills of the staff and volunteers who work with us, we better serve the pets in our care, as well as the public. By providing special training materials, sending people to seminars and conferences, and providing specialized training and expertise to the shelters, we'll promote the adoption of shelter pets. This training is not meant to replace existing or basic training and development.