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Animals Adopted

Some Happy Photos of Adopted Pets from PRC

Nearly 75,000 pets have been adopted by the Pet Resource Center since 2013

This happy guy is typical of the loving pets always available for adoptionGray and white mixed breed dog with his head tilted, a big smile and tongue sticking out

Loving cats are available almost every day

Pair of tabby cats looking identical except one has orange eyes and the other green eyes. They are huddled together

Foster/Rescue Partners help us get pets to loving forever homes too.
Nadia with two dogs in her lap. Everyone is smiling in this outdoor photo

Medical Miracles happen at PRC (BEFORE)
Belle is a mixed breed brown dog with nearly 25% of her skin missing due to a vehicle collision

Medical Miracle (AFTER SURGERY)

Belle after surgery with hundreds of stitches to fix her injuries

Medical Miracle (TODAY)

Belle in a car fully recovered and happy on her way to her family