Hillsborough County Pet Resources Foundation INC.
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Supporting our Public Pet Shelter

Hillsborough County Pet Resources Foundation, located in Tampa, Florida, will improve animal welfare and the lives of shelter pets in the local community. Our goal is to encourage the adoption of shelter pets, by multiple means and increased quality of care.


Encouraging the Adoption of Shelter Pets

Our organization is focused on helping pets in the public animal shelter get adopted into their new forever homes. Such programs include adoption incentives, promotional merchandise, advertising, cross-promotion with sponsors, and take-home welcome packages with adoptions. We'll also enhance the lives of pets while they are still in the shelter with enrichment toys, basic command/behavior training, suitable living facilities for longer-term stays, day trips out of the shelter to dog parks and other community events.
Available Pets For Adoption

Developing & Maintaining Animal Welfare & Pet Retention Programs

We will help our partner public animal shelter with proactive programs to help pet owners keep their pets when they feel their only solution is to surrender them to the shelter. These animal welfare programs will include promoting "pets-for-life" concepts, assisting with temporary needs when animals hit hard times, and lowering veterinary care costs. We'll also help with locating and assisting with food banks for pets and other programs aimed at diverting pets from shelter admissions whenever possible while still maintaining positive outcomes.

Additional Resources for Needy Animals

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We will work to expand the current ability of the shelter to provide for needy animals. These additional resources include specialized veterinary care such as orthopedics, prosthetics, and other specialties. They also include assistance with expensive medical treatments that are beyond the practical budgetary constraints for treatments of otherwise adoptable pets, and assistance with ongoing care, procedures, and medical products and devices. These may also include behavior correction and modifications.

Presenting Recognition & Awards

This aspect will focus on highlighting positive milestones for employees, volunteers, rescues, the public, and others who have gone above and beyond to assist pets in the public animal shelter operated by the Hillsborough County Pet Resources Department. In special circumstances, these awards may also be used to recognize heroic actions to save pets.